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Boredom induced, completely random writings/rants.
« on: May 21, 2011, 01:53:38 AM »
What it says on the tin.

So let's begin, shall we?

I'm a mess of contradictions.

I like shounen manga. I don't dislike Shoujo, but it simply makes no sense to me. Why? Can anyone decipher this junk? -->

It has everything I like: Psycho characters (I'm a yandere WHORE). And yet, is it just me, or does each panel ignore what the last panel said? Am I the only one who thinks this way? Chapter one has the male lead saying "I hate you so much I want to kill you" to the female lead. And then later in the chapter, with absolutely NO explanation as to why he said that, he becomes her boyfriend.



Even the after-the-fact explanations fall well short of what I would expect of a coherent story.

Whatever. That manga is a fucking joke anyway. Laughable at best.

Point is, I'm a mess of contradictions.

P3P? Yea, I Got it. Oh hells yeah!

But wait. Why P3? A P4 Female-MC woulda made more sense since the cast of male characters are much better. And Yosuke is already gay for the male MC why not do him a service and un-gay him? And then re-gay Kanji while you're at it. It's funnier this way.

"You spent a long while with Yosuke"

*Fan-girls faint*

Anyway, yeah. P3 male characters are not meant to be courted.

For example.

I fucking HATE Akihiko. HAAAAAAAAATE HIM. Get a fucking treadmill you faggot! Training? Dude, Your ass-lover Shijiro fucking DIES! You don't have to please his pallet for slender faggots anymore. He's dead!

"But he lived if you choose the Fem MC and max his Social Link!"

Fuck that! I killed him off just to troll Akihiko! Too bad, you fucker!

The only time I took Akihiko into battle was when I was fighting enemies that spammed bufu skills. And if Fuuka was smart enough to read between those lines, she would stop bringing his rotting carcase back to the entrance when I ditch his body as The Reaper drew near.

Dammit, Fuuka...

What about Mitsuru? She brought him back too!

Mitsuru can do no wrong. In fact, she is the direct opposite of Akihiko. If she wasn't in my party, I didn't even feel like playing. And she lovingly spams bufu. Too bad I can't attack my own party.


Why am I giggling maddly in the corner while feverishly wringing my hands? Because I loaded you evoker with 9mm bullets. Not tellin'. HEY! That one's weak to electricity! Go, Akihiko!


Next in line is ... Ken? B-but he's a ten yr old, you pedo! That search line can land you some hard time, ma'am!



Deal with it.



Koumaru is next...

And while lovely images of Koru-chan X Fem MC fill your head, I regret to inform you that he's a dog. A dog. Dog. Fucking dog that nobody cares about. I never willingly took Koromaru into battle. That plot crater can burn his dread whilst guarding the entrance, like a good dog.

Good boy, Plotcrater-chan! You're so useless Atlus couldn't be bothered to evolve your persona.

Explanation: Because he is a lesser beast, he doesn't have the capacity to face his true self.

But he CAN summon a persona, and as Aigis would inform you, has a better understanding of the world around him than anyone else in SEES.


-Insert epic facepalm-


Junpei! Yeah! Junpei is a legitimate character! They even gave me a Junpei hat with my game to further extenuate this fact!


Junpei is still busy weebing over Chidori. He only has eyes for that really odd emo girl in P3, P3FES and the trend holds true for P3P. Which is perfectly fine. In fact, it only cements the fact that Junpei is a faithful gentleman even when the scenario around him has completely changed all the way to the point that the random piece of ass tossed in his direction won't faze his strange love for that one girl with highly improbable head accessories.

Good job, Junpei! I salute your integrity! The thousands of fan girls biting their handkerchiefs disagree, however.

And so, we're left with Aigis.

That's right.


Who is a robot.


The genderless robot that was cruelly designed as a human female by some depraved pervert who's seen way too many magic girl animes is the best love interest in the game. You heard me: genderless. Quit having weird lesbian fantasies with the genderless fuck-bot Anti-Shadow weapon.

Quick fact: Robots don't have vaginas and it would be easier to equip "Double-ender".


Oh, wrong game.


Yeah. There are other male characters who are not in SEES, but I care about them as much as I care about Yuko.

Who's Yuko?


Way to remove FES too. Thanks, UMD. Useless Mini Doorstop. I made that acronym cannon with the power of my mind.

Oh no! I lost focus.

Point is I'm a mess of contradictions.

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I hate JC Staff.
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2011, 06:57:34 AM »
Hiden No Aria - Episode 3

To JC Staff: Fire the senile 100 year old men you have writing your timestamped and retarded storylines. If they're not 100 year old men, then they're imbeciles that need to be fired anyway. And nudered. Them breeding would be a tragedy to the Japaneses gene-pool and would only produce weak babies with soft heads.

You know, I just can't stand people who judge an alternative work against what the original provided for us. For example, the people who don't accept the Evangelion manga because it's not the same as the anime. Or, people who don't accept the (first) Full Metal Alchemist anime because it doesn't EXACTLY follow the manga. I just don't get these people. Why would you want to see the same characters do the same thing? Just accept the ADAPTATION as a different medium and move on. You should be happy you get to see the characters you love do something different, so long as they act as you think they should act in those altered situations.

So what am I whining about?

Who knows? Truthfully, in some spots, the plot of the anime almost makes more sense than the novel. In the novel, the 7:58 has been hijacked. I'm assuming Aria already had readied both a helicopter and Reki before calling Kinji at 8:20. To which he has to get there, gear up, meet Nagato Reki, get briefed somewhat, and away they go. All told, wasting another 15 minutes (if I'm being generous). Add another 10 till the helicopter finds and gets to the bus. So 45 minutes total response time.

You might think "so what". Well, the novel goes out of it's way to mention that the bus was overtaking vehicles and dodging traffic. For Fourty-five minutes. While speeding. IN THE RAIN. WITH A COMPLETELY NORMAL BUS DRIVER. Even if "speeding" means 60 MPH, that's 45 miles. That's a looong time and way for a vehicle that large to be meandering about an urban environment without stopping.

Whatever. The anime can arguably make more sense in that they both deploy as soon as they are able, neglecting to equip themselves with more appropriate gear than their school uniforms. They are in a hurry, right?


This decision had NOTHING to do with the perv cam planted in the car Aria's driving, with her Zettai Ryouiki in better focus than her face. Speaking of in his face, you'll have to explain to me how Kinji didn't go into Hysteria Mode @ 13:08. NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Ironic her skirt is magically in place as she's dangling upside down. LOL WUT!? But again, @15:24 explain to me how Kinji is avoiding Hysteria mode? Annnnnd one more for the road @ 16:10.


Sooooo, since they're in a hurry(yes, yes... hurry), they go by car, with Aria driving... which is a wonder she can reach the petals... but hey, they're doing great things with vehicles these days. You might think a helicopter would be faster, and you may be right, but a car could catch to a speeding bus provided they know it's location and take more direct roads to close the distance.

But wait, we DON'T know where the bus is actually going, and Aria's driving on a hunch? Hmmmm... and further, this hunch is rooted in the fact that the destination is ripe... with civilians?

"Well, a Butei-targeting criminal would better restrict the actions of the Butei by steering the bus into Odaiba which has more civilians than Academy Island." -both Kinji and Aria's reasoning.

Which makes absolutely no sense. Really, wouldn't that be the goal of ANY generic criminal? To AVOID Butei conflict in order to reach their goal? But this is the -Butei Killer- who presumably, kills Butei. If I'm to assume his/her goal is to kill Butei, and he/she hasn't simply blown the bus up outright, wouldn't it also be safe to assume that the bus's ultimate goal is to, in fact, kill even more Butei? Unless the -Butei killer- is targeting a specific person, but you don't really know that at this point now do you, Aria? Or rather, Kinji, since he's the one responsible for the quote. Aria agrees.

Anyway, they catch up to the bus that has now entered a tunnel, take out the Uzi, and decide they both must board and defuse the bomb; this being the quickest way to save the injured. (I'll be nice and ignore the infinite ammo cheat cast on that Uzi, btw) The novel outright ignores the fact that there are Butei already on the bus, who must be useless since they need to be saved by more Butei. The anime does a better job here since it portrays them as putting up a resistance. And since they're getting shot at, they can't check the outside of the bus for the bomb.

But wait. Kinji and Aria destroyed the Uzi. Which if that was the problem, Aria and Kinji's better move might've just been to supply the Butei on the bus with equipment. That, or Aria go alone while Kinji remains in the van, that I'm sure is bullet-proof, to cover Aria while she's defusing the bomb. Further, am I to assume the -Butei Killer- has an unlimited supply of 'Imported sports Car Uzis' and doesn't care when you blow them up? Wasn't the deal for the Butei on the bus to behave themselves? Why would they try to resist knowing that it's about as smart as playing hot potato with a live hand grenade? K, guess it wasn't better.

Alright guys! Fire! *BAM!* *BAM!* Oh hey! I shot it d-*BOOM-MUTHER-FUCKER!!!!!!*

Whoops. Fired. And nudered.

Nah. They both get on the bus, which is fine. So how does Kinji get on the bus then? Who'll steer? Rope. Really? He musta tied that off pretty damn quick. Whatever. My real issue is that he also tied off the accelerator? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Uhhhhh... is that some sort of hillbilly cruise control? Sooooo, our vehicle has power seating that'll allow even a midget to operate it, but the damn thing lacks cruise control? REEEEALLY? Duuuhhhhh? Who's the dumbass who wrote that up? Fired. And nudered... but since this writer is of an age where cruise control is a new fanged futurist function on automobiles, the castration might not be necessary.

OK! we're on the bus! Kinji! I have a very important mission for you! There are around 60 Butei on this bus, but I want YOU to check for the bomb on the inside, while I dangle, COMPLETELY VULNERABLE with my back turned to danger, helplessly clawing at this bomb-like object I found. Remember Kinji: don't go outside the bus! OK, HERE I GOOOOOOOOO!!

Errr... shouldn't I cove-

NOOOOOOO!!!!! We for reasons unknown have not yet checked underneath the driver's seat! This is a mission of nigh importance that only one of your cunning could ever fathom it's successful realization!!!


Ok, fine. The bus driver pissed him self when that fuckin' CHEAT CODE Uzi fired 43209483284092 bullets from it's thirty round clip. When that happened, he got up and started chanting some crazy cult shit: "Up up down down left right left right B A start" over and over. Now there's piss EVERYWHERE!

Oh, is that how the uzi got him?

Huh? No, I shot him! The prick wasn't just SAYING the chant. After getting up, his pants when down... and then he got up again. Over and over. And all over.

...Ok, fine, I'll check. *looks for literally two seconds* Nope. No bombs here!

Excellent, Kinji! Man, if you hadn't ditched your only legitimate means to protect Aria from gunfire, we'd a never have accomplished this insurmountable task!

Oh dear, it would seem I've gone off track... Anyway, yeah. Why would Aria tell him to inspect the bus when she should know damn well it's not on the inside and that the many Butei already there would have already done so. If she'd a told him anything, it should have been "Hey, I don't have any real bullet defecting gear right now, could you be on the lookout in case another aimbot shows up? I need to check the outside of the bus." Nope.

Actually, that'd probably make a genius senerio. When non-hysteria mode Kinji can't properly shoot down the next Uzi, Aria can see his lack of skill that way. "He took out seven in the blink of an eye before, what's going on?" she could think "Kinji! What are you doing!?". Then, after failing to gun the Uzi down it locks on to Kinji and fires, and Aria can have her big damn hero moment then.

See? I don't care that it's not following the novel, I care that it's poorly rewritten to the point where it makes no sense. And see, sandor? JC Staff should hire me. I'm not all that smart, or observant for that matter. But when something is obviously retarded, it's obviously retarded. Like this post. If I'm watching Barney and friends and the purple rapist tells me to use my imagination to pretend green fuzzy dice is a red ball, I'm gonna tell that prick to quit being a cheap-ass pedo in an oversized dino costume large enough to seat him and his extra special partner for the day and go out and get them poor kids an actual red ball. Because that's green fuzzy dice, pedo, not a red ball. Sneaking in secret dice games? Teaching them kiddies how to gamble? Or does the number correspond to the number of kisses Barney makes on your nubile, hairless body in a location of his choosing?

Off track again. Correcting path. (oh God... and it's the longest paragraph...)


Anyway, after Kinji ransacks the interior of the bus in a desperate hunt for the bomb(lol), he gets some seemingly random information about "the sensor or whatever device that's transmitting the signal". Where is it? On the roof, of course. Better go destroy it.

And again, why are we ignoring the massive bomb? Ya know, I'm no expert here, but in any movie or animie or whatever I've seen, deactivating anything but the bomb itself will result in the bomb exploding. Worse part is, this is one of those animes. Even WORSE that that? It was Kinji that went through the whole "you alter anything, you go boom" song and dance in the first episode. You'd think he'd be wise to the -Butei Killer's- game.

Nope! Go Kinji! Shoot down that repea... Wait, why is he climbing on the roof of a speeding bus when he could just as easily shoot it down? Is anything in the episode going to make ANY sense? Whatever, I'll let it slide.

Duuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr!! Hey Aria! Lookit dis 'ere do-dad ah foun' n' da roof! IMA GONNA HUCK IT!!



*rips do-dad off roof*/*toss*


Is what makes sense. What happens (some liberties were taken):

Duuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr!! Hey Aria! Lookit dis 'ere do-dad ah foun' n' da roof! IMA GONNA HUCK IT!!

*rips off roof*/*toss*

OMG! Kinji! Why are you on the roof!? Dude, you're WIDE OPEN!! You a rookie or something!? What an amateur move! Let's COMPLETELY ignore the fact that the majority of my time on this bus was spent OUTSIDE DANGLING ON A WIRE FULLY EXPOSED WITH MY BACK TURNED TO ANY PENDING DOOM THAT MAY ROLL MY WAY WHILE HOPELESSLY STRUGGLING TO REACH SOMETHING MY MIDGET ARM WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO REACH WITH NO ONE WATCHING MY BACK. Ignore it! Get back in the bus, Kinji!

To which you say "But badkarma, Aria has confidence to take care of herself, and probably feels that if another Uzi car comes her way, she can defend herself from it.

Wrong. If she had that kind of confidence in herself, she'd a simply done this operation solo, not worrying herself with this "partner" crap. Plus, since the time Kinji eluded her, she feels his skills are at least on par with her own. Why would she feel he's putting himself in danger? If she has the confidence to dangle outside the bus for two minutes, she should have that same confidence in Kinji.  How many segway uzis did Aria gun down in episode one? One, in about 28 shots (she drained about three magazines when they were cornered in the storeroom and didn't take out one). Kinji? Seven, in seven shots while dodging to his right. Yet, she doubts Kinji's ability to defend himself.

Not to mention the entire purpose of the first novel is Aria's acknowledgment that she needs his help.

Face it, shit don't make sense.
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End of the week Quiz!
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2011, 11:48:18 PM »
Awrite, STOP!

Collaborate and LISTEN!

I bring you your end-week quiz on everyone's favorite subject: Nobodies! This week's nobody? Vanilla Ice! Answer as best you can! The quiz is from the worse publication in the history of the universe: MP's Unauthorized Biography of Vanilla Ice. A Biography written about a 23 year old shit-stain... wonderful. Can you say "short-sighted"? How about "cashing in"? Excellent!

Without further adieu:

Grading goes as follows:


Congratulations! You failed! You may think this is sarcasm, but it isn't. Seriously, ask yourself, is this really a test you want to pass? Look at "FILL-IN THE BLANKS" question 25. Is this supposed to be a trick question? The correct answer is "100 percent original!". Pffffffffft.... yeah, OK, "Ice". Tell that to Queen. They'll disagree and the only people who answered correctly either knew the answer or were intentionally trying to make fun of the quiz. Well, ha, ha! Jokes on you! The question was " Ice has describe himself as_____.", not what the world would describe him as, which is a plagiarizing dip-shit who had the gull to deny the fact that he stole a well known bass-line and used it in his only memorable hit.

Now the truth is, a lot of rappers use bass lines or samples ripped from another artists; it's a simple fact of life. And I'm not saying that all rappers who sample other artists works are all hacks; don't get me wrong. I don't particularity listen to rap, but I respect it as a legitimate genre of music, and sampling other artists is mostly a minor part of it. BUT! At the same time, don't jack the bass line from a well known song like "Under Pressure" and the troll the universe by saying "100 percent original, yo! I made that shit up!" You'll look like a goddamn jack-ass. Just because you mixed in your shitty bass overdub and threw in some 'fly' sound effects doesn't make it your original work, idiot.

But, you see now? Wrong answers are right answers, and the right answers make me laugh.... and then cry that this tragedy somehow, someway got published. Of course, then I attempt suicide because I, for whatever reason, have a copy. Don't judge. Anyway, if you "failed" that means you pass at being a legitimate human being and, like me, probably answered all the questions as "who gives a rat's ass?". Risky, considering "who gives a rat's ass" could be contrived as a correct answer, but nonetheless, go pat yourself on the back and breath in the fresh air you've earned the right to breath.


Sir or madam, I'm assuming you are gifted in the ways of true & false questions and are a meticulous person that, no matter how ridiculous the test, takes it as SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.  There is no other reason for the fifty percent barrier to be breached, much less approached. Actually, if you answered all the true/false questions correctly, you would only score forty-four percent, meaning you would have had to correctly answer THREE of the "FILL-IN THE BLANK" questions... that offer you no multiple choice...

But that's OK! You're still safe, and I admire your dedication in thwarting all those red herrings! Like true/false question 16 "Ice creates most of his materiel." Oh hey, there's that same question AGAIN... only formatted differently! I guess if you were smart enough and dedicated enough to see through this one, you might have guessed #25 right too! Question 11 might have been easy for you since, looking back to my more youthful days, I recall seeing a really shitty actor in "TMNT: The Secret of the Ooze". In fact, remember seeing a LOT of shitty acting in that turd, but the one with the fade-cut really stood out as "King Shit". So sorry about question 12 though; the answer is apparently Valina Ice Posse, and not... you know... Very Important Person. Even Virtually Indestructible Penis is more acceptable than the actual answer, but now I'm getting dangerously off topic.

For the sake of giving those who broke fifty on some lucky guesses a break, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you simply guessed the most absurd guesses you could dream up. Like say #7: Ice has been compared to the legendary performer__________." Hmmmm... who could I put that would make the least amount of sense? The Beatles? Nah... At least try to make it a front-man style band. Besides, they stopped doing live performances in 66. How about Elvis? DING, DING, DING! Correct! What do you win? Tears streaming down my face. Holy fucking shit! Vanilla Ice isn't qualified to hand Elvis his water and scarfs, much less be said in the same breath when arguing any sort of comparison, unless that comparison is "Legend Vs. Legendary Dip-shit". I mean, REALLY? ELVIS? Elvis fucking Presley? Dude makes more money a year in death than Ice'll ever see in his life. Ice is lucky that anyone cared about his half-assed bankruptcy escape plan "comeback", otherwise he'd be bouncing from crack-house to crack-house with his buddy MC Hammer. 

Elvis is legendary as such that his name is in spell check, which his death predates by many years.  Robert Van Winkle (answer to #3) is also in spell check, but that's cheating. For fucks sake, why couldn't his mom completely doom him to faggottry and name him "Rip". Maybe then he'd a gotten his ass beat good and proper by bullies, just as it should be.


Whatever. Rest easy, you fifty percent breakers, you've earned it. For those who were trying to answer this quiz as a devoted "VIP" member, but failed to score above sixty-nine,  I suggest you still follow 70-100% protocol.


So you scored a passing grade. Well done(?). This is the part where I drone on paragraph after paragraph about how miserable your life must be since your knowledge in the field of rejects from the nineties far exceeds any conceivable threshold that it should. But I'm not gonna. Nope. Nor am I going to search for an excuse as to why you trespassed onto this forbidden percentage of useless knowledge. What's the point? In either case, you have a problem. In scenario one, you thought that a high score would earn you gratuitous amounts of e-penis because, you know, no one else knows how to use Google like you do and everyone cares about how well you scored on a quiz that at best could only make you dumber having aced it.

Scenario two is even more frightful: you knew the answers. Scary. Your parents basement and/or attic (which you obviously live in) must be a most disturbing conglomeration of crusty early nineties posters, featuring everyone's favorite 5'11", 165 pound, white rapper from Miami, Florida with blue green eyes and self-cut "dark blond fade cut". Even more chilling is that if you knew the answers, that would mean your "V.I. IQ" only draws from information from 1991. I'm sure a few of those factoids have changed a bit in... what? Twenty years? Or does the flow of time operate differently for you? Or perhaps it's a deep psychological thing that refutes your ability to acknowledge "Ice" as a 43-year old washed up douse-bag trying to pedal his shitty *not rap* album to anyone dumb enough to be vaguely curious as to how horrible a rock/country/metal(?)/ album can be... ON "ICE".

Wait, what's that song called? "The Horny Song"? "Fuck Me"? "Tha Weed Song"? B-but Ice... what about true/false # 19 !? (answer is True according to this book)

Sorry to break your illusion little Billy, but this is what has-beens do. They did something in the past that someone thought was cool, got WAY too big for their own good, and then crashed back to earth like a meteor entering the atmosphere after releasing their latest and "greatest" work. Now please, quit "X"ing all those post 1991 Ice pictures your mother gave you in an attempt to pry your fat-ass out the basement. She's just trying to help. And so am I! Here, since you're obviously mentally unstable, I half-assed cooked up a lovely poem based on the ever friendly "Green Eggs and Ham". It'll inspire you to expand your horizons and break free from the shackles that horrible, and horribly dated, music placed on you:

I am Clyde

I am Clyde
Clyde C. Die

That Clyde C. Die
That Clyde C. Die!
I do not like
that Clyde C. Die!

Do you like suicide?

I do not like it,
Clyde C. Die.
I do not like suicide.

Would you like
if you were to hang?

I would not like it if I hung.
I would not like if I was strung
I do not like suicide
I do not like it,
Clyde C. Die

Would you like to detonate?
I know a guy.
His work's first rate.

I would not like to detonate
I wanna watch Ice and masturbate.
I would not like it if I hung.
I would not like if I were strung.
I do not like suicide.
I do not like it, Clyde C. Die!

What about starvation?
Starving your fat-ass?
We'd feed a nation!

Not starvation.
Screw your nation.
Nor would I like detonation.
I would not like it if I hung.
I would not like if I were strung.
I would not like suicide.
I do not like it, Clyde C. Die!

Would you? Could you?
Jump into traffic?
A semi! A semi!
This'll be a CLASSIC!

I would not,
could not,
jump into traffic.

You should die though.
Here's a razor.
It's "down the highway".
Or it'll end in failure.

I would not, could not use a razor.
Nor die by car! Who do you think you are?

I do not like starvation.
Even if it saves a nation.
I do not want to detonate.
I wanna watch "Ice" and masturbate.
I do not like if I were hung.
I do not like if I were strung.
I do not like suicide.
I do not like it, Clyde C. Die!

A gun! A gun!
A gun! A gun!
Could you, would you?
It might be fun!

Not with a gun! Nor with a razor!
Not by a car! Clyde! Not now or later!
I would not, could not, from starvation.
It could not, would not, feed a nation.
I will not die by detonation
I only care for self-gratification.
I will not want to be hung.
I will not want to be strung.
I do not like it, Clyde C. Die!

Burn to death?
You could burn to death!
Would you, could you, burn to death?

I would not, could not,
burn to death!

Would you, could you,
jump in front of a train?

I would not, could not, jump in front of a train.
Nor burn to death. That'd be a pain!
Not by a car, Not by razor.
I do not like it, Clyde, it's human-nature!
Not by detonation. Not from starvation.
Fuck your nation; it forbids masturbation!
I will not like if I were hung.
I do not want to, you pile of dung!

You do not like

I do not
like it,
Clyde C. Die!

Could you, would you,
down these pills?

I would not,
could not.
down those pills!

How about this anti-freeze
I hear it's sweet!
Care for a swill?

I could not, would not, use those pills!
I will not, will not, take a swill!
I will not jump in front of a train,
or put a bullet in my brain!
Not immolation! Not with a razor!
Not by a car! Why you such a hater!
I do not want to stave to death.
I wanna watch Ice and smoke my meth.
I will not want to detonate.
if I cannot masturbate.
I do not want to be hung.
I do not want to be strung!

I do not like suicide!
I do not like it,
Clyde C. Die.

You do not like it.
SO you say.
Try it! Try it!
Use any method you may.
Try it, and you may, I say.

If you will let me be,
I will try it.
Then you'll see!


*brains all over*

Dumbass. <---- all that for a non-sequitur? And who's Clyde C. Die? Awesome McCoolname?

Shut up, it rhymed... somewhat. Oh well... if it wasn't inspirational enough, I'll make pretty pictures for you next time.


Whatever. The end-week quiz is OVER!

Word to your mother.
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What was left on the cutting-room floor.
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2011, 03:00:30 AM »
In favor of keeping it relatively short and free from taunts toward the reader, this portion of my comment for Aki-Sora posted on Baka-Updates was left on the cutting-room floor. As anyone can plainly see, it's unfinished. Chapter Six and eight were meant to be the main focus, but somewhere in the middle of de-railing six I realized I wasn't going to add this since it was getting to be too demeaning to the reader, and B-U isn't very fond of that... apparently (plus, I didn't want another giant spoiler box). And so I didn't even bother ranting about chapter eight.

It's pretty clear when I start to realize this isn't going to be posted anywhere, since I become progressively more vulgar in both foul language and in the description of events. If anyone was paying attention, in the B-U comment, I never refer to "Runa" by her name as sort of an on-going joke, but in this section, I do, which is basically me hinting to myself that notepad is where this chunk of comment will live and die. Anyway, the only editing I did was spell check and it was intended to be placed between the fourth-to-last and third-to-last paragraphs:


In fact, I'm so sick of the misconception that Sora is being continually raped, I'll debunk all claims in this next spoiler box, if only for my own amusement.

Chapter one may as well be the one single time he was legitimately violated, ironically it's by Aki. Her 'Pedo McRapehands' had no business being on his business and he didn't want em' there either. But! Since he IS sexually attracted to her and her naked body IS rubbing up on him, this scene is somewhat believable. And by somewhat, I mean by the largest stretch capable of the human imagination. The little guy took two strokes before coating his sister's hand in filth and only resisted physically after the deed was done. Veeerry suspicious.... but this is manga after all, and at the time, Aki+Sora was the point of the story... I guess.

And after that, all Aki sexual encounters are completely consensual, so I won't even bother with her anymore.

Chapter Four: I saw some fool say this was forced. How? Explain. Explain to me how him churning HIS DICK with HIS OWN HAND -at light speed I might add- is in any way shape or form an act that was forced upon him. Where's the gun? Knife? Where? 'What's-her-face' makes a luke-warm threat of *gasp* bursting out the stall naked!? OH NOOOOOOES! But then everyone will see her! Not. Go for it, ho. Listen, ho... if you bust outta the stall stark-bloomin'-naked, everyone's gonna be looking at YOU, the butt-naked moron, giving ME, the fully clothed cross-dresser, time to slip outta here while you make an ass of yourself... and with any luck, get arrested. Why does Sora even care? The real irony is that Sora finds it unacceptable for her to streak through public naked but MUTUAL MASTURBATION in a bathroom stall doesn't trip any moral alarms.



Chapter six: "Oh badkarma! You're so stupid! You can't possibly deny he was raped here!"

Watch me.

Look, just because he's sittin' there with his patented "blue screen of death" gaze while some STD laced crack whore stuffs his fully erect member up her ham-wallet, doesn't mean he's being raped. I mean, what the hell... Sora, you're not being attacked by a bear, num-nuts. Why the hell are you playing dead? With a hard dick? Is this twerp fully erect at all times? Maybe that's why his dumbass can't form a complete sentence or comprehend the meaning of fidelity. His perpetually hard cock must be robbing his brain of all the precious, oxygen rich blood it needs to function, gradually damning him to what will inevitably be a life-time of brain death. Oh wait, his blood hording pecker must also be preventing his muscles rebuilding, which explains why he's built like a little bitch. It must be a real hassle going though life when even during a traumatic brain meltdown, he's fully engorged and ready to rock. Please don't attend any funerals, Sora. Thanks.


*POOF!*... *thud*  <---- that's the sound of Sora turning into a blowup doll  after his half-assed manly declaration.

"Hey... Runa? You were supposed to bring your living, breathing boyfriend, not your inanimate blowup doll. WAIT! HOLY SHIT! IT'S EYES MOVE!? SO CREEPY! Hey! Hey! If I pull this appendage between it's legs he meekly says 'no, please, no, stop' like a little fucking girl! So cute."

Tch, gang-raped my ass. Yeah, he was brought somewhere he wouldn't normally go by his own will, but you'll never convince me in a million years that he's getting raped by the girl in the middle of this page... or any girl on ANY page for that matter. Runa gave him the gun... and maybe showed him how to aim... and probably fired the first shot too. But he stuck around and pulled the trigger again and again. Many times. And in varying positions.

Being a little bitch has it's limits.

Now, I'm not gonna be so crass as to say you can't rape a man, but methods usually never involve his PENIS. It IS possible, but genuinely unconvincing and I'll bet 90%-100% of all male, non statutory rape cases were not as "unfortunate" as our buddy Sora. I mean, look at the lil' guy go! He's dunkin' them donuts like his cock's on fire and the only way to extinguish the flame is to fuck every living thing in the room! Jesus H. Christ! He's excreted more fluids than even exist in his tiny feminine body!

Now that I'm thinking about it, how the hell did that trap-ass jail-bait Sora make it through this chapter without some poor unsuspecting dude mistakenly stickin' the dick to him? Seriously. Then I might believe he was raped. Hell, someone even slipped him some roofies, you know, since he passed out after a thimble full of his drink and then woke up naked. What? He passed out because it was alcohol? Are you a fuckin' ass? God, I'm so fucking sick of this retarded manga plot device it's a damn shame. If that drink was strong enough to put a human of any size to sleep with the mouse sip he took, then it would have had to have been pure fucking alcohol, in which case he'd notice and immediately spit it out. The only thing that makes sense is some poor guy slipped him the roofies so he could fuck "her" inanimate body, and when he stripped "her" he found out "she" had a dick that for some reason was fully erect, so he flung "her" to the sluts in disgust. Fucker even woke up sober. Alcohol? Don't lie to yourself.

Sora's given a hard push, but ultimately this can't be considered rape. I can see him before a court:

"So you say you were gang-raped by several women at a "party"?"

"Well... uh...yes?"

"Yes? Is that a question? Did you not know this was THAT type of party?"

"Uhh... no, sir, I didn't know."

"I see. And when you found out it was THAT type of party, what did you do?"

"Uhh.... well, I.... I........."

"I know it may be hard, but please, tell the jury what horrific events transpired."


"How tragi-... wait, what? I thought you said you were raped!? (pssst! Hey, Dipshit McLadyboy! You're screwing our case! And there's a video!?)"



... case dismissed.

To quote Orgazmo:

Lobstra: "And if you don't tell me where Orgazmo is, I'll... ... screw you to death!"

Choda Boy: "I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!!"

Was Choda Boy raped? Hmmm...

That was completely relevant.


Not forced.

Chapter Seven: Strangely initiated by Kana and Sora throws his BSOD© face on briefly before dubiously accepting her out-of-fucking nowhere offer for a titty fuck. And it's no wonder she offered a boob-job because she's got magic titties that seem to excrete some sort of bizarre self lubrication? FUCKING AMAZING! And the author page says this trash was written and drawn by a woman? Do her titties self lubricate too? I don't know if she should pass those fucked-up genetics to her children or not since it'd most assuredly make puberty more awkward than it already is. Fuck worrying about 'her first period'. Now she has to worry about her slimy jugs oozin' up her gym-shirt. Thanks mom.

Anyway, if anyone thinks even in the most remote sense of the word that this is rape, you're an idiot. And any sexual encounter with Kana from here on out is consensual, so I won't bother with those chapters.

Chapter Eight: "Ohhhhh!!! I've got you this time, badkarma!"

I already said what I think above, but I guess I'll elaborate... later, that is.

Chapter Eleven: Same as chapter four only this time it's her hand, not his. Like chapter four he is issued a paper thin threat of "if someone were to come right now... as you are, you'd be in trouble."

run C:/brain/logic_OFF.exe



run C:/brain/logic_ON.exe

Yeah. Cause he hasn't fooled everyone thus far. His hard-on? Tuck that shit up on the waist band. Problem solved. No one'll see. You have a fucking skirt on, clown. Plenty of coverage.

He wanted it. Not forced.

Chapter Twelve: Can only be the result of taking several illegal drugs all at the same time. In any event, nothing here is forced.

Not that I acknowledge this chapter exists...might as well have had 40 blank pages... this stupid shit...

Chapter Fifteen: Cracked open that clam like a starving otter. Licked it clean and almost went after the brown starfish.

Not forced.

Chapter Seventeen: I died a little inside when I saw him and his "mother" in bed. Thank God he draws the line somewhere... And she might wanna wash her cloths and shower after lying on that bed that's covered in her nephews fuck juices.

Chapter Eighteen: More crack fueled retard romps. Who's the senile editor that allowed this trash to publish? I don't even acknowledge these chapters as cannon since they make no fucking sense at all. But since I don't see Aki-Sora as a valid story to begin with, maybe the double-negative brings it back to coherency? Holy shit, I think I blew my own mind!

Chapter Twenty: Little shit busted a nut without even touching the fuckin' thing. How is he even capable of intercourse!? Ughhhhh.... Anyway, unless his mind literally raped him, nothing here is forced.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Why did I read this far? The only one that should feel raped in this chapter is me for having to see it ..ahh getting lazy...


The end.

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Prerequsit: LVL. 10 necromancy Cost: All yo mana. Resurect this thread? Y/N
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Mmm... it's been a while. Despite that, I don't have anything profound or meaningful to say as an introduction, so I'll just skip the small-talk.

Infinite Stratos. Hate it. Love it. Love to hate it. There are various ways to "enjoy" Infinite Stratos, and I myself am the latter. And, as these things go, it's in my nature to loudly complain and deface certain series that break the limits of what is allowed in terms of normal plot coherency - usually in the form of a stupidly large comment left on Baka-Updates.

So, after finally deciding to make a comment for one of my favorite pin-cushions - IS - I posted it on BU. "HA HA! Take THAT, IS!" I said to myself, giggling madly all the while. However, a great tragedy befell me today. I log on to re-read my words, checking for errors and such, and discovered that the comment I barely put any effort into as I was typing it on my phone whilst taking a dump worked so hard to realize, had been deleted. Gone, without a trace.

How cruel! No warning; just GONE!

Nah,  this ain't the first time this shit's happened, so it's not like I was particularly upset. On the other hand, I really did go out of my way to avoid excessive use of swearing, and any unavoidable swearing was self censored. Truthfully though, it might be my mistake. I saw the Seinen tag on the manga and included dirty, dirty words, assuming the same tag was also on the novel.


Apparently, the novel is aimed at the shounen demographic! Whoops! Silly me! Not. Hey, you know what else is "shounen"? Yomeiro Choice (despite what BU has it listed as, Yomeiro Choice is in a shounen magazine, thus it is aimed at the shounen demographic). To anyone who's read Yomeiro Choice, you know what I'm getting at, but I'll say it anyway. If the "shounen" demographic is allowed to read something as wildly inappropriate as Yomeiro Choice, then what's a little cursing, hmm?


But who cares? Me, to a certain extent I guess, but not enough to take any real action other than whining here. It was a half-assed comment, really, since it would be an extraordinarily large amount of work to fully explain all the craters in the plot, I actually kept the comment short and focused more on the main draw.  

Anyway, here, my -deleted- comment on Baka Updates:


I'd like to make a long rambling comment on precisely how lame Infinite Stratos truly is. Sadly, I ran outta energy before I was able to make a decisive decision.

[voices from within] Why don't you just pull the unfair/way-too-powerful/big-damn-hero power-up out your ass like the rest of the mutants in this series? [/voices from within]

Nah... it's not worth it. So instead, I present Infinite Stratos abridged:


"What is it, Cecilia?"

"Well, I... you see... Ichika-san! W-will you go out with me!?"

"Sure! Let's go out."

"... R-r-r-really!?  *wipes drool* You'll really g-go out with me!?"

"Of course! So, what are we shopping for?"

"Oh my God! I can't believe I'm finally dating- ...wait, wait...wait. I'm sorry, Ichika-san, could you repeat that last part?"

"?? I asked what we're shopping for. It must be heavy if you need to drag me along!"



"N-no, Ichika-san. You've misunderstood. I'm asking if you'll have me as your g-g-girlfriend!"

"?? But I thought you were already?"

"W-what!? What do you mean!? When did this happen!?"

"?? I'm sorry. I guess I just assumed you were since we've been so friendly ever since our match.  Oh! It must be an English custom to "officially" announce friendship? I see! So you thought it'd be rude to ask someone who wasn't formally a friend out on a shopping trip! Is that it? Well then, I, Orimura Ichika, officially recognize Cecilia Alcott as one of my friends. There! So, what are we buying?"



"...╬" <---vein popping out

"Are you alright, Cecilia? You've been acting strangely. Are you sick, maybe? You know, your face has been flushed for a while..."

"...*breaths in* ... Fuuuuuuuu... No, Ichika-san. I thank you for your concern, but I'm in perfect health. However, Ichika-san..."


"You're misunderstanding again. I'm not asking you to go shopping with me, and I'm not asking you to be 'just friends'. I want... I -I want to be able to... say.. h-hold hands with you, Ichika, or even k-k-kiss you. W-will you accept my feelings!?"

"?? Hmmmm... Ah! Oh! I read about this! I thought it was America, but I guess England also has the 'kiss hello' between two friends? If that's the case, I'm sorry, but this is Japan! While I have no particular problem with it, we wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand our relationship, would we? So I'll have to refrain. I'm sorry, Cec-"

"No, you IDIOT! I WANT people to 'misunderstand'!!"

"You interrupted me to call me an idiot? That's rude! Actually, it's double rude!"

"That's the only part you heard!? You ARE an idiot!

"So rude! Fine! I'm not gonna help you shop anymore!"


"?? You mean you're not? Then what did you need from me?"

"...╬ ...╬ ╬" <----- more veins


"...*breaths in* ... Fuuuuuuuu..."

"Are you sure you're not sick, Cecilia? Perhaps it's a calcium deficiency? On top of being flushed, you seem to be a little irritable."



"Listen carefully."

"I always listen carefully, but alright, go ahead?"



"Ichika-san, I like you and want to be your girlfriend. I want to be with you. I want to do things with you that you wouldn't do with anyone else. Naughty things. Things like kissing, e-e-embracing each others n-n-naked bodies... y-you know, that kind of thing. Do you understand?"

"... ... ...! ...Yes, Cecilia. I understand."

"Y-you do? That... that's good then. So? What's y-"

*Ichika suddenly closes in on Cecilia's face-*

...!! I-I guess he finally did understand!? A-and he's going accept my confession with a kiss!? Kyaa, so bold! "A real man take's action." Is that it? So manly, Ichika-san! W-WAIT! Don't panic now, Cecilia Alcott! An elegant lady closes her eyes to accept the kiss of a gentleman... there. Alright! Uuuuu... hurry up, Ich-

*and presses his forehead against Cecilia's forehead*

"Hmmmm... It's just as I thought."

"...? Ichika...san?" *slowly opens her eyes*

"Cecilia, I knew it! You're burning up! Geez, you really picked a round-about way to ask me to nurse you! Although, I understand... I know you have a lot of pride being a representative candidate 'n all, so you'd want to recover as quickly as possible, I guess. But...I mean, I'm sorry. I don't think I'll be able to exchange body heat n-naked with you because you're a girl, but I could probably get Houki or maybe Char to do it for you.  Is that alright?"


"Cecilia? Oh! Sorry! Standing must be hard for you, right? I'll walk you to the infirmary. Here, take my hand."

"...╬╬ ╬ ╬╬╬ ╬╬ ╬ ╬  ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬" <---major hemorrhage.

"Cecilia? Can you still hear me? Take my hand."



*Cecilia slaps his hand away*


"Fu, fu, fu.... Ichika-san, you did NOT listen properly, did you? As I said, the condition of my body is perfect. SEE?"

*shows Ichika an obligatory pilot status screen using her IS*

"Huh? That's weird... I could have sworn your temperature was running a little high, but I guess it was my mistake?"

"Fu, fu, fu... yes, Ichika-san, it was your mistake. So? Now that you know I'm not sick, what do you have to say to me regarding our previous conversation?"

Hmmm...? I can't really recall what we were talking about before... but... hmmm... OH YEAH!

"Oh, that's great! Now that I know you're not sick, we can finally go shopping! Hmmm..? What did you need to buy again? Was it heav- oh..." *something drops out of Ichika's pocket*




"Hmmm...? Oh, I'm sorry, Cecilia. I dropped a 10-yen coin earlier and wasn't really paying attention. Can you repeat that?"

"... heh..."


"...heh heh..."

"Were you sick after all?"

"..heh heh... de hehehehehehehe.... yes... sick... de heh de heh.... im so very sick right now... so sick.... de he hehehehehehehe but i found a cure... yes a cure... de hehehehehehehe... its so easy. easy, so easy. ill just kill him. de dehehehehe...i dont want to. i have to. see? thatll cure me. right? de hehehehehehehe..... i have to... no choice. like breathing; a need, no choice. like eating; a need, no choice. like drinking; a need, no choice. de hehehehehehehehe i need to kill him, i have to, no choice. i need to rend his flesh. i need to drain his blood. i need to dismember his limbs. i need to remove his organs. i need to strip the flesh from the muscle. i need to cut the muscle from his bone. de hehehehehehehe i need to extract his spine and drink it's fluid. i need to split his bone and devour the marrow. i need to behead him. de hehehehehehehe ill keep in it in my fridge. i need to castrate him. ill keep them in a jar. de hehehehehehehe ill jump rope with his intestine. ill play hacky-sack with his kidneys. ill freeze his eyes and use them to cool my drink. ill make a flute from his femur. de hehehehehehehehe... i need to-"

"H-hey, Cecilia? Are yo-"



*Cecilia runs off*

"Ow, ow, ow! What was that for!? Geez, what a strange girl! Hmmm...? Is that Char over there? Hey! Char!"

"Ah, Ichika? A-actually your timing is good. There's something I need to... tell you... Actually... I lo-"


...Oh, right. I think there's a half-assed plot about power-suits and an equally poor sub-plot about a female dominated society in here too. Power-suits that have rewritten the map of strategic nuclear deterrence, or more accurately, eradicated the relevance of nuclear weapons entirely.


And these all-powerful suits are issued to hormone-fueled brats that use them to make slapstick pot-shots at their only male classmate.


It should be noted that I wrote every damn word of this on my phone while taking a dump. It was symbolic, dammit.


See? That was no more harmful than your grandmother's freshly baked apple pie.

Speaking of food, the over abundance of food innuendos later in Cecilia's rant was originally going to lead into Ichika somehow misunderstanding her rage as hunger. It definitely worked, but I thought it better to include Ichika's magical selective deafness, since that's one of the great aggravations I have with IS.

But whatever.

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You're better than this, badkarma!!! (not really)
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[edit that had to be made as a new post due to the 20000 character limit]


Here's the same comment translated from English to Japanese to Russian to Spanish to Italian and then back into English using Google's translator! I'm contemplating whether or not to post this on B-U purely out of spite! (it's now swear-free, after all)

Note: This makes makes Hadena subs look like fucking Shakespeare.


I'd really like Strato was inconsistent Plugin takes care of the crippled than to infinity. We met before he could set the end of the energy loss.

[Within voice] Why curse / How big is too strong / iniquity change for the future, as the REAR in this series so far - not a man? The voice /]

No ... not worth it. So instead, only this Strato.

"I-Ichiko ..."

"The fact that Cecilia"

"I. .. go out with me ... well, you see Ichiko W - What."

"No, S."

"... Rrr ... - * drool rags that interest you, but I will live with me?"

"Of course, what is at stake, the purchase?"

"Oh God, at last - here ... Wait, wait, wait .... sorry I could not believe that can be repeated? Ichiki, which end?"

"?? I asked, in which the use of purchase. If you need to get big."


"Cecilia ...?"

"-.. N-no, I am your D&D Ichiko not understand - I've seen in a-!"

"But I think you now?"

"W- This is what you have in mind when it happened?"

"?? I'm sorry. Match. Oh only because I'm always in the way like this! Guest English shall have to "say publicly", said the friendship? Let's see, I pray! So, thinking that man is not seeking a formal lion of 500 lakes! Not, therefore, is not it? Why, my friend Ichiko Orimura Olcott 'publicly acknowledged' one of Cecilia."



Appearing "╬ "<--- veins ...

"Cecilia is good for you I'm doing, I was surprisingly effective. You know what, maybe a little weak We are looking for a mouse."

"...Fuuuuuuuu, *nor the spirit of* ... ... ...  Ichiko. Welcome to the help, but in the rescue. Ichiko D. But ... "


"I will try to go shopping with me, I got it wrong again, and. "Just Friends", because I do not ask ... I want to be able to say ... .. Hands Ichiki, and/or to maintain that - kiss me take. How do you feel?"

"?? Hmm ... Oh, Oh, I read, I beg you, I thought that the United States, United Kingdom, among his friends to "Harokisu" I think you are? In this painful 'Write Your Own Review'! This is not is a problem when the relationship is the same as us, those who understand us, so I do not want us CEC refrain."

"Do not fool me, "sick people" want."

"You interrupted me, call me stupid? But rude! Yes, there are two types of rude!"

"But when he heard it? You're a fool!"

"So rude! Well, I'm not going to help you buy more!"

"And - very Wilt thou go with me?"

"?? Did not you say what I'm going to work?"

"... ... ... It "<----- veins ╬ ╬ ╬


"... Fuuuuuuuu *Spirit* ... ... "

"Do you think that you may not have a calcium deficiency disease in Cecilia, who is out of order."



"Please, look carefully."

"Listening to the always reliable to continue?"

"╬ ..."


. "Ichiko that I love you I want to be with you I want the other does something that is not Mali kiss each -... We can take the NN? -The Naked- ... And, you, You know, that sort of thing to understand."

"... ...! ... No, Cecilia. Take."

"Y - Y -. What, then, for you ... But nothing happens?"

*Faced with a sudden Cecilia Ichiko - Approaches*

...!! At last I have it!? - It'll make my confession started with a kiss? Kyaa its value! "But to work." What is that? Thus the force, Ichiko! W-stay! She fears that Cecilia Olcott now! You can leave a woman closes her eyes ... get a kiss of God there. That's it! Uuuuu ... ICH rush to be-

*He called on the forehead, and as Cecilia*

"... Hmm ... But, as I thought."

"Mr...? Ichiko ... " *is slowly open your eyes*

"Cecilia, I know you're done! Condemn, a nurse asked him, and actually chose the path we go? But I understand ... you know, it is likely that many" an, and that everything I want to get as soon as possible, I think. It ... I mean, I do not regret. I have - you can not change the heat of the naked body do you think the girl who, perhaps, or maybe you'll Houki 星 CHAR can be obtained. Well? "


"Cecilia? A Sorry, it's difficult to stand, here I am." Take my hand, and walk, in addition to the front. "

"... ... ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ ╬ "<--- bleeding.

"Cecilia, I can not feel my arm."

"... Sometimes. I..."


*Slap on the hand of Cecilia*

"100-...? Cecilia"

"Who are you who you are, you have created .... Ichiko? So, what I said, the whole town can hear my body here. I belong?"

*The disc on the screen shows the status of Ichiko she asked.*

"What? Wonder ... But I could swear he was running more errors than you think?"

"Who is ... so Ichiko, that vice now that I'm not sick before, I do not know what they say about you?"

Hmm ...? I do not remember that he had spoken previously about ... but really ... Hmm ... Oh, no!

"Oh, so great a disease, which eventually may buy back .. Hmm, to buy cheap labor .. OH -." *The Bay, refusing Ichiko*

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ichiko ORIMURA !!!!! Davy the country with me? We Uizumi, no!? Perhaps because they lost six books SWEET JESUS ​​Oh, manure better time to be here with me and my mother - against the Real Estate Australia - A - Either the universe is a fool, a madman - PORK - is not for you! Some! He was defeated! In case of a WHADDA I do not!? WHADDA one, DO drop, EH!? Tell me! But here Holy Pork! Relationship with a woman! If my pants COKK gave you suck, and rent a bet that at this time, stupid, thoughts removal of poisonous snakebites, movement of prices over!! More fool !!!!!!! Secret register to listen! Why do I still feel like crap, I have the intention of renting the land could only wants to pork! I gave the guy! I want to love you have! Come here, yo! ! I want the tube into the valley, virgin land does not fool me! I do not know how they stay Salamis! ! I wish all of your croissant me! BUN want your hot dog, yo! I want to be your favorite ♀ ♂ God, for everything for me!! The fact that I love more, lace - can not grow !!!!!!! It is not! Come here, yo! ! I understand!? It's time to find out??"



"Well ... Oh, sorry, Cecilia. ¥1 coin-10, giving up all of the above, but in reality it was not. Repeat that?"

"Oh ... ..."


"... Ha ha."

"And after the disease was that?"

"Oh, oh .... .. ... .... ... ... of the lake hehehehehehehe bad for IM, I was sick, but now that .... But .. hehehehehehehe disease. .... but I realized that hehehehehehehe dehehehehe care ... .. just a pleasure. light in place. ill to kill him. ... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet a. I. You see thatll suffering? hehehehehehehe law ..... I do not want another alternative ... it's like breathing. .. We need someone to drink less, but you may have the option of choosing an option that should not be hehehehehehehehe kill him, he had no choice. capture the food. I need to drain the blood. morrow without arms and legs collapse 1. must remove their organs. I eliminate muscle foods. I cut the muscles of your bones. hehehehehehehe'll peak expelled from their release, to drink the liquid . To break your bones, you need to eat brains. kill him. hehehehehehehe disease fridge I have to keep a jar and keep castrate heavy wooden rope in the gut and foot disease hehehehehehehe kidney disease ... -... FREEZE has big eyes played worse than the cold in the thigh, my drink to use his illness ... I need to make tubes hehehehehehehehe -. "

"I- H-hello, Cecilia is a-"


"We die only Moroni KING !!!!!"

*Cecilia fled *

"Feria, ay, ay, what was done? Damn, what a wonderful girl! Hmm? CHAR is? CHAR Hey!"

"Oh Ichiko - in fact I did to you What good lion ... ... ... Actually, in the -"


... Oh, yes. Similarly, I believe, that the fraction of poor women and the power of the middle subplot in the oven when he dominated society. Map of nuclear deterrence, not for the game and thinner than writing, has been completely removed from the value of nuclear weapons.


It's more powerful, which is available for use of fuels and hormones TREE shooting fish farce when their male colleagues.

About the program.

And, since unloading must be aware that these words are written on the phone was very nice. Support for plugins was.
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